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SILICONE RUBBER CAS 63394-02-5 Dowcorning3120

Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Molecular weight: 0
Appearance: Transparent and flowing
Relative Density: 1.0 ~1.1 g/cm3
Surface dry time: 30 ± 5 min
Durometer Shore A: 20 ± 5
  • 63394-02-5


  • 63394-02-5

Product Description


Silicone rubber is a kind of synthetic rubber and semi-inorganic polymer elastic material with silicon oxygen structure in the molecular main chain. It is formed by the condensation of organosilicon monomers with two functional groups such as dimethyldichlorosilane after hydrolysis. Silicone rubber is similar to ordinary rubber in appearance, but it has high thermal stability and elasticity. Keep the original characteristics in the range of - 60 ~ 300 ℃. When compressed at high temperature, the shrinkage is very small, and it will return to the original state after the external force is relieved. According to curing methods, silicone rubber can be divided into heat curing type and room temperature curing type.

Payment & Shipping Terms

Supply Capacity

Payment Terms:


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according to the customer's requirements 

Means of Transport:

Ocean, Air, Land

Delivery Date:

7 days

Product Description

This product is a one-component, low viscosity, off oxime RTV silicone adhesive potting high temperature.

It is a condensation reaction through the moisture in the air caused by the release of low-molecular crosslinking, vulcanized into high performance elastomer. It has excellent resistance to thermal changes, anti-stress properties, high temperature resistance, high-temperature long-term flexibility and stability, anti-UV, anti-aging. And it has excellent insulation, moisture, shock, corona resistant, anti-leakage and chemical resistance properties. Capable of electronic components for the sealing effect and the surrounding environment does not produce pollution, and full compliance with EU rohs directive.


Product Usage

This product is suitable for industrial production of various structural adhesive potting, such as: power supply, led module encapsulation; photoelectric displays, electronic components, electrical module, semiconductor equipment, PCB waterproof; bulb outer surface coating;

thin insulation potting; delicate electronic components moisture, water, packaging, insulation and a variety of circuit board coating protection; waterproof coating electrical and communications equipment; led display module and pixel waterproof package;

for Elastic bonding various electronic sensors; waterproof, shockproof meter underwater adhesive;elastic bonding of metal and non-metallic materials; potting various optical instruments, chemical equipment, mirrors, electrical equipment, small appliances, etc. potting; ordinary small or thin potting (potting thickness less than 6mm, such as greater than 6mm should be selected deep curing two-component, Our research and development of two-component curable potting material can be deep, it can completely replace the Republic of Korea One component potting, and the sticky material non-corrosive.)


Transport storage

1. this product has a shelf life of 12 months (8-25 ℃).

2. these products are non-dangerous goods, according to general chemical transport, be careful leakage during transportation!

3. more than the shelf life of the product must be confirmed before use exception.

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