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Lithopone CAS 1345-05-7 Barium Zinc Sulfide

Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Molecular formula:BaO5S2Zn2
Molecular weight:412.23

  • 1345-05-7
  • 1345-05-7
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CAS 1345-05-7

Lithopone is a white crystalline powder. It is a mixture of zinc sulfide and barium sulfate. The more zinc sulfide it contains, the stronger the covering power and the higher the quality. The density is 4.136-4.34g/cm3, insoluble in water. In case of acid, it is easy to decompose to produce hydrogen sulfide gas, which will not work in case of hydrogen sulfide and alkali solution. When exposed to ultraviolet light in the sun for 6-7 hours, it turns light gray, and it still returns to its original color when placed in the dark. It is easy to oxidize in the air and agglomerate and deteriorate after being affected with moisture.

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