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What is Saccharin Sodium CAS 128-44-9

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Melting point: > 300℃

Flash point: >200℃

Storage conditions: 2-8℃

Solubility: 1000g/l


CAS 128-44-9


Sodium saccharin is an organic compound with a chemical formula of C7H4NO3SNa. It is a food additive and has no nutritional value to the human body. When eating more, it will affect the normal secretion of gastrointestinal digestive enzymes, reduce the absorption capacity of the small intestine, and reduce appetite. White crystalline powder. The sweetness is 200 to 500 times that of sucrose, generally 300 times, and the sweetness threshold is about 0.00048%. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, the aqueous solution is slightly alkaline. Its thermal stability in aqueous solution is better than that of saccharin, and there is no change when heated at 100 °C for 2 hours. When the aqueous solution is left for a long time, the sweetness gradually decreases.


In terms of sweetness, the anion decomposed by sodium saccharin has a strong sweet taste, but there is no sweet taste in the molecular state, but a bitter taste. Sodium saccharin has a large solubility and a large degree of dissociation, so it has a strong sweet taste. Sodium saccharin will be slowly decomposed by boiling. If it is used in combination with other sweeteners in an appropriate ratio, it can be closer to the sweetness of sugar. Sodium saccharin does not cause food coloring and fermentation.

When its concentration is relatively large, it has a bitter taste. When the sodium saccharin is heated under acidic conditions, the sweetness will be lost, and o-aminosulfonyl benzoic acid with a bitter taste will be formed at the same time. This substance is colorless and stable in performance because of its heat Relatively low, it is not easily absorbed by the human body, but it can be excreted with urine, etc. Therefore, sodium saccharin is used as a substitute for sugar by patients with obesity and high blood lipids.


The toluene method is the earliest method adopted, and later generations have made many improvements, becoming a relatively simple method for producing sodium saccharin, and it is also an earlier method for producing sodium saccharin in my country. Its main production raw materials are anhydrous toluene, chlorosulfonic acid, ammonia water, activated carbon, liquid sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, potassium permanganate, sodium sulfite and sodium bicarbonate, etc., including chlorosulfonation, amination, oxidation, acid precipitation, medium and other chemical reactions.


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