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What is a fine chemical intermediate?

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Fine chemical industry can be regarded as some of the emerging field of chemical industry, belongs to technology-intensive industry, but it is a very important industry, is also a very dynamic industry, fine chemical industry is one of the important part of many of the new material, and fine chemical industry of high technical content, so the added value of fine chemical industry is relatively high, so what fine chemical intermediates? Below we together and see it.

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fine chemical intermediates

To fine chemical intermediates, first to say what is a fine chemical industry, fine chemical industry including many, such as our common medicine, pesticide, synthetic dyes, and organic pigments, a variety of coatings, cosmetics and daily use bath dew, shampoo, soap and so on are belong to the fine chemical industry, in addition to this, and some we are not familiar with the industry, such as photographic materials, magnetic materials, catalysts, all kinds of reagents, as well as water treatment agent and so on is also belong to the fine chemical industry, and even some anti fungus mould inhibitor are also belong to the fine chemical industry, fine chemical industry range is very wide, It covers more than 40 industries.

So fine chemical intermediates is is in fine chemical industry is the front of a position, a subject is a foundation, said general industry, fine chemical industry is to continue to produce fine chemical products, fine chemical intermediates in the next game, including common products, heat-sensitive materials, special engineering plastics industry, and some auxiliaries, leather chemical industry, various functional dyestuff industry, and so on.

       As for functions of fine chemical intermediates, generally speaking, the development speed of fine chemical intermediates is fast, the production scale of single product is small, and the process correlation of related products is strong. Generally speaking, once the downstream of fine chemical intermediates is confirmed, the promotion of fine chemical intermediates is not a problem.

       Due to the existence of large international division of labor, in many fine chemical products with complex processes and many production process environments, many enterprises are unable to complete the whole process link alone, so there is a need fo
fine chemical intermediates.

      Fine chemical reagents

Fine chemical industry has a wide range of research and application fields. Its main characteristics are as follows:

(1) It has specific functional and practical characteristics.
(2) High technology density.
(3) Small batch, multiple varieties.
(4) Complicated production process, large equipment investment and large capital demand.
(5) Practicality, strong commodity, fierce market competition, high sales profit, high added value characteristics.
(6) Short product cycle, rapid replacement, mostly intermittent production process.

Raw materials of fine chemical industry:

    The raw materials used in fine chemical production are the same as those used in organic synthesis, mainly coal, petroleum, natural gas and agricultural and sideline products.

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