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What is YTTERBIUM OXIDE CAS 1314-37-0

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Density: 9.17g/mL at 25℃(lit.)

Storage Conditions: no restrictions.

Form: powder

Color: White


CAS 1314-37-0


Ytterbium oxide chemical formula Yb2O3. Molecular weight 394.08. The pure product is colorless powder, and it is light brown or yellow when it contains thulium oxide. Slightly hygroscopic, absorbs carbon dioxide from the air. Specific gravity 9.2. Melting point 2,346°C. It is the weakest one in the yttrium group except lutetium oxide. Insoluble in water and cold acid, soluble in hot dilute acid.


Ytterbium oxide is used in the manufacture of permanent magnet materials, glass, ceramic colorants, laser materials, thermal shielding coating materials, electronic materials, battery materials, biopharmaceuticals, electronics industry and chemical research applications show superior performance.

With the development of science and technology, large-particle ytterbium oxide is used in coating, sputtering, vacuum coating and other fields. For example, ytterbium oxide is coated on the surface of diamond, which increases the infrared transmittance of sewing by 12%, and has high resistance to Rain corrosion performance, the demand for large particle ytterbium oxide is more and more, because the large particle ytterbium oxide is used as a thermal spray powder to form the amount of overmelted fine particles during thermal spraying will be reduced, and the fine particles formed by small particles during thermal spraying will adhere The deposits formed on the inner wall of the nozzle of the thermal spraying device fall off from the inner wall and are mixed into the thermal spray coating to reduce the accumulation resistance of the thermal spray coating, and directly prepare ytterbium oxide powder particles that meet the requirements of thermal spraying. Improves coating density, build-up resistance and abrasion resistance.


The invention discloses a method for preparing large-particle ytterbium oxide with uniform particles, good fluidity, and a shape composed of thin slices stacked into a petal shape, with a central particle diameter D50 of 55-60 μm. Technical solution: Add ammonium bicarbonate, ammonia water with a concentration of 28% and deionized water to the reactor respectively. The molar ratio of ammonium bicarbonate, ammonia water and deionized water is 1:1:6.27, and the concentration is 1.75mol/ The ytterbium nitrate solution of L, the molar ratio of ammonium bicarbonate and ytterbium nitrate is 1: 0.078, obtains the mixed solution of ammonium bicarbonate, ammoniacal liquor and ytterbium nitrate; In the mixed solution, add 30% hydrogen peroxide, the mol ratio of ytterbium nitrate and hydrogen peroxide is 1 : 4.6, reacted 4 hours and began to produce precipitation, aged 24-48 hours, obtained ytterbium carbonate precipitation, by precipitation filtration, washing, calcination temperature was 900-1200 ℃, was incubated for 4 hours, and obtained center particle diameter D50 is 55-60 μm , large particles of ytterbium oxide with uniform particle distribution, good fluidity, and the morphology of which are stacked into petals from flakes.


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