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What is Solid Acrylic Resin CAS 9003-01-4

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Melting point: 95℃

Boiling point: 116℃

Density: 1.2 g/mL at 25℃


CAS 9003-01-4


Acrylic resin is a general term for acrylic acid, methacrylic acid and their derivatives. Acrylic resin coating is a thermoplastic or thermosetting resin coating or acrylic radiation coating made of acrylic resin obtained by copolymerizing (meth) acrylate and styrene with other acrylates.


1. Pharmaceutical preparation: because acrylic resin is safe, stable, inert and non irritating, it is a polymer material widely used in pharmaceutical preparation. Acrylic resins can be divided into methacrylic acid copolymers and methacrylic acid copolymers. Due to the different copolymerization components and proportions, they have many characteristics such as being soluble in gastric juice and intestinal juice or insoluble in water. Therefore, it is commonly used for film coating, solid dispersion, sustained-release pellets, sustained-release matrix tablets and other drug applications. In addition, the performance of acrylic resin as a pharmaceutical auxiliary material is more excellent and has a broad development space.

2. Coating: acrylic resin has light color, good transparency and excellent light and color retention; It does not decompose and change color at high temperature, and has good resistance to acid and alkali, salt, grease, detergent and other chemicals, as well as excellent construction performance. In particular, it can be widely modified with various chemical monomers and new materials to give various special properties and prepare new varieties of acrylic resin coatings.

Production method

Add 530kg of deionized water into the polymerization kettle, add 41kg of pingpingjia OS-15, stir and dissolve. Add 4kg sodium dodecyl sulfate, stir and dissolve, and then add 68kg mixed monomer (butyl acrylate and acrylonitrile) within 20min. After stirring for 15min, add 30kg of 1.5% ammonium persulfate aqueous solution, and add it within 30min. After stirring for 15min, slowly raise the temperature to 70 ℃, start to drop the mixed monomer (272kg), and drop it for about 1H. After the addition, keep stirring at 80 ℃ for 1H. After the reaction is completed, the temperature is reduced to about 40 ℃, and 70kg of OS-15 is added. After stirring for 15min, the product is filtered to remove impurities.


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