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What is Resorcinol CAS 108-46-3

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Melting point: 109-112℃(lit.)

Boiling point: 281℃

Density: 1.27

Vapor Density: 3.8 (vs air)

Refractive index: 1.5781


CAS 108-46-3


White needles. Exposure to light and air or contact with iron turns pink and has a sweet taste. Soluble in water, ethanol, amyl alcohol, easily soluble in ether, glycerol, slightly soluble in chloroform, carbon disulfide, slightly soluble in benzene. This product has bactericidal, fungicidal and antipruritic effects, its bactericidal effect is 1/3 of that of phenol, and its irritation and corrosiveness are also less. Low concentration has the effect of promoting keratin regeneration, and high concentration has the effect of keratin exfoliation.


Resorcinol is an important organic synthesis raw material, mainly used in rubber adhesives, analytical reagents, preservatives, drugs, dyes, synthetic resins and other raw materials, such as eosin is an important triphenylmethane dye, dyed bright red, Mainly used for dyeing silk, it is prepared by co-heating resorcinol and phthalic anhydride in the presence of zinc chloride or concentrated sulfuric acid to prepare intermediate fluorescent yellow, and then tetrabrominated. Eosin is often used to make red ink and can also be used as a stain for biological materials for microscopic examination. If the intermediate fluorescent yellow is brominated in acetic acid solution, it can only be dibrominated, and then co-heated with mercuric acetate to obtain red mercury (also called mercury bromide red), which is an important disinfectant and preservative. It is easily soluble in water, and a 2% aqueous solution is the "red syrup" for daily sterilization and disinfection. An alcohol-acetone solution of mercuric can also be used for skin disinfection. Resorcinol and hexanoic acid are re-reduced through acylation reaction to obtain 4-n-hexyl quinone, which is also a disinfectant. In medicine, it is also used as a local anti-itching agent and intestinal digestive agent.

Production method

There are many preparation methods of resorcinol, such as benzene sulfonation alkali fusion method, co-production method of resorcinol and phenol, m-phenylenediamine method, m-dicumene method, m-aminophenol hydrolysis method, etc. The benzene sulfonation alkali fusion method takes benzene as the raw material, sulfonated to obtain isophthalic acid, and then obtained by neutralization alkali fusion and acidification. Benzene, 65% fuming sulfuric acid and sodium sulfate were respectively added to the reactor, and the reaction temperature was controlled at 75° C. to obtain sulfonated compounds. Then add anhydrous sodium sulfate to the sulfonate, stir and heat to 175°C to dissolve, add sulfur trioxide at this temperature, and react for 1.5h to obtain disulfonate (benzenedisulfonic acid content 75%). After neutralizing the disulfonated compound with dilute alkali solution and removing excess sulfate, the obtained sodium benzenedisulfonic acid was gradually added to the molten sodium hydroxide at 290 ° C, and the temperature was raised to 325 ° C within 15 min, and then The alkali melt is dissolved in water, acidified with sulfuric acid, extracted with ether, and the solvent is evaporated to obtain the finished product of resorcinol.


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