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What is Luminol CAS 521-31-3

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Melting point: >300℃(lit.)

Boiling point: 309.07℃ (rough estimate)

Density: 1.3393 (rough estimate)


CAS 521-31-3


Luminol is a chemically fluorescent molecule, yellow crystalline powder. Easily soluble in lye, soluble in dilute acid, almost insoluble in water, and insoluble in alcohol. Neutral or slightly acidic solutions exhibit strong bright blue fluorescence when exposed to ultraviolet light. Melting point is 329-332℃, in the presence of hydrogen peroxide molecules, it can be converted into excited state aminophthalic acid, which emits strong fluorescence. Hydrogen peroxide is the product of many biooxidative reactions, so it is easy to link these biooxidative reactions with photodetection by introducing luminol. For example, the glucose oxidase/catalase probe can detect the concentration of hydrogen peroxide or glucose in the sample, and the response time is only 0.5s (dynamic method).


For chemiluminescence analysis, such as: metal cations, blood and glucocorticoids.

Production method

3-Nitrophthalic acid is obtained by cyclization and reduction. 3-Nitrophthalic acid was added to 8% aqueous hydrazine solution, and the solid was dissolved by heating. Add ethylene glycol, evaporate the excess water in the solution in an evaporator, heat at 215-220 ° C for 2 min to close the heterocyclic ring, and cool to obtain a yellow nitro compound. Cool, add 10% sodium hydroxide solution, stir, add sodium dithionate, heat to boiling, keep the temperature for 5 min, add acetic acid again, and cool to obtain a bright yellow product. After standing overnight, the product was obtained by filtration.


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