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What is Dequalinium chlorid CAS 522-51-0 Used For?

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Melting point: ≥300℃ (lit.)

Storage condition: 2-8℃

Dequalinium chloride: a kind of broad-spectrum antimicrobial


CAS 522-51-0


Diquantinium chloride (DECA) is a cationic lipophilic compound with a structure similar to that of the dye wakame 123. DECA selectively accumulates and remains in the mitochondria of tumor cells. It acts as a mitochondrial poison by blocking mitochondrial enzymes, then disrupts the production of cell energy, and ultimately leads to cell death. Dichloroquine is a nerve conduction blocker (EC50=2μM). Dichloroquine is an effective inhibitor of potassium channel in melittin-sensitive hepatocytes and an effective inhibitor of nicotine response in skeletal muscle.  Diquine ammonium chloride blocks the loss of potassium ion induced by angiotensin II with IC50 of 1.5 μM. In cultured rat sympathetic neurons, diquine ammonium chloride can uickly and reversiblely inhibit the after-hyperpolarization caused by apamin and a single action potential is generated. Dichloroquine (DECA) is a cationic lipophilic PKC inhibitor. When exposed to UV light, DECA covalently bound and irreversiblely inhibited PKCα and PKCβ.


As a kind of broad-spectrum antimicrobial, it often used to cure acute pharyngitis and  oral cavity inflammation. 

Uses and how to use: 

it often used to cure pharyngitis, mouth ulcers and gingivitis. Take 1 to 2 tablets by mouth every 2 to 3 hours. If necessary, the dose can be repeated.


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