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What is Ammonium Octamolybdate CAS 12411-64-2

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Density: 3.18

Molecular formula: MoO4.Mo7O22.4H4N

Molecular weight: 1255.65


CAS 12411-64-2


Ammonium molybdate mainly includes dimolybde, tetramolybdenum, heptamolybde, octamolybdenum and ammonium dodecamolybdate. Compared with ammonium dimolybdate and ammonium tetramolybdate, ammonium octamolybdate has gradually attracted people's attention because of its fine particle size and uniform distribution.


1. Raw materials for dyes, pigments, catalysts, fireproof agents, microelement fertilizers, ceramic pigments and other compounds

2. Smoke and flame retardant additives in cable industry and building materials industry.

Preparation method

The specific method for preparing ammonium octamolybdate is to dissolve high-purity molybdenum trioxide in ammonium heptamolybdate solution at a certain temperature and a suitable Ammonium Molybdenum ratio, add an appropriate amount of surfactant (dodecyl trimethylammonium chloride) to the reaction system, form a number of nano reactors in the solution, reduce the intermolecular attraction of ammonium and molybdenum in the solution and the association force of ions, thereby reducing the collision of the formed crystal nucleus particles and effectively preventing the agglomeration of particles, The particle size of the formed product is reduced and the particle size distribution range is narrowed Ammonium octamolybdate with an average particle size of 80 nm (less than 20 nm accounts for more than 90%) can be obtained.


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