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Favipiravir, An API Of The Drugs With Potential Virus Inhibition

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CAS Number: 259793-96-9

Molecular formula: C5H4FN3O2

Uses: anti-influenza virus

After the outbreak of the new coronavirus COVID-19, global pharmaceutical companies and new drug research and development institutions have been seeking specific drugs that may be effective against the new coronavirus COVID-19. Favipiravir is one of the drugs with potential virus inhibition. Favipiravir, as the three most likely effective therapeutic drugs, has been approved for registration and put into clinical trials in many countries as of the end of July 2020.


MOSINTER GROUP, as a high-quality Favipiravir API supplier in China, has provided Favipiravir APIs to many domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and companies for scientific research purposes.


The English name is Favipiravir and the commercial name is Avigan. It is a broad-spectrum antiviral drug mainly used for antiviral treatment of influenza A and B. The results of clinical trials show that Favipiravir can effectively shorten the course of influenza and reduce the viral load.


From the mechanism of drug action, favipiravir belongs to the virus RAN polymerase inhibitor class of drugs. Its pharmacological effect is mainly to change the virus RNA structure and inhibit virus replication by inhibiting the virus's RNA polymerase activity.

Favipiravir intermediate

From the mechanism of action, the drug has a certain inhibitory effect on all viruses with RNA structure. Studies have shown that Favipiravir can effectively inhibit Ebola virus, arena virus, yellow fever virus, chikungunya virus, norovirus, bunya virus and so on. In the in vitro cell line experiment, it also showed a high inhibitory effect on the COVID-19.


After being infected with the new coronavirus COVID-19, most infected people will experience symptoms such as persistent high fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, and pneumonia. Some people with poor resistance, such as cancer patients, patients with chronic diseases, and the elderly, may soon experience breathing difficulties, coagulopathy, acute respiratory distress syndrome, respiratory failure, and multiple organ failure after being infected by the new coronavirus COVID-19. And other symptoms, more serious and even life-threatening.


In the treatment of the new coronavirus COVID-19, favipiravir is mainly used to block the conversion of light and normal to severe. In other words, after taking favipiravir, it can prevent mild patients from turning into severe patients. Specifically, it can be phosphoribosylated by host cell enzymes to generate biologically active fapilavir ribofuranosyl-5-inositol triphosphate (favipiravir RTP), which is incorrectly recognized by viral RNA polymerase. Lavir RTP allows Favipiravir RTP to be inserted into the viral RNA chain or combined with the viral RNA polymerase domain, thereby hindering the replication and transcription of the viral RNA chain.


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