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Difference Between Bulk Chemicals and Fine Chemicals

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The chemical industry can be simplified into two main parts:

1. Fine chemicals, pure and complex, bulk chemicals, mass production. Fine chemicals provide a way for substances such as drugs, spices and food additives.

2. Some examples of bulk chemicals are ammonia, sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide, which are all manufactured in large chemical plants through various processes.

Bulk Chemicals

Bulk Chemicals

These are chemicals that are produced on a large scale to satisfy the global market-which is why they are sometimes referred to as commodity chemicals.

Organic chemicals are produced through organic synthesis, which involves many different steps and processes. Some of these chemicals include ammonia, sulfuric acid, and sodium hydroxide. Inorganic and organic bulk chemicals are produced in continuous process chemical plants, rather than batch manufacturing chemical plants. The basic manufacturing goal of many bulk chemical plants in China is to produce bulk chemicals on a large enough scale and reduce costs as much as possible to maximize profits. The goal is to keep the market for these commodity chemicals sufficiently saturated to keep prices low.

For the bulk chemical industry, the materials that make up the raw materials are all natural materials. They have existed on the earth for a long time. Therefore, it can be assumed that, at least in most inorganic processes, they are chemically stable (organic oil and natural gas materials are chemically stable). otherwise). Therefore, any attempt to extract valuable products from them requires a large amount of energy input and is likely to require some rather aggressive reaction conditions. This means that processing equipment, including any filters or centrifuges, must be designed and manufactured in shape and material to withstand these conditions.

Fine Chemicals

Fine Chemicals

Unlike bulk chemicals, fine chemicals can only be produced in small batches in factories through batch or biotechnology manufacturing processes. However, the manufacture of fine chemicals has many small and complex steps-such as chemical synthesis, biotechnology, extraction and hydrolysis.

Although these products are very useful, they usually have to be combined with other chemicals and substances to realize their full potential. Generally, they provide the building blocks for many different products that we use every day. Some examples include drugs, fungicides, fragrances, additives, and pigments.

All in all, fine chemicals must be combined with other substances to make these products. Due to their complexity and chemical changes, their production costs are much more expensive than bulk chemicals.


The difference between bulk chemicals and fine chemicals

Bulk chemicals, also known as general chemicals, are relative to fine chemicals.

Bulk chemicals generally refer to products with a wide range of applications, high chemical technical requirements in production, and large output. They are generally simply processed from coal, petroleum, natural gas, and agricultural and sideline products. Common ones such as triene, triphenyl, monoacetylene, mononaphthalene, triacid, two alkali, as well as plastic, rubber, fiber, etc.;

Fine chemicals use bulk chemicals as raw materials for deep processing, so the output is small, the purity is high, the added value is high, and the profit is large.

Both bulk chemicals and fine chemicals are vital to the chemical industry. They provide us with daily necessities and products that we may not necessarily notice.



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