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Chemicals Used in Agriculture

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Chemicals Used in Agriculture


Chemicals obtained through chemical processing using agricultural and forestry products as raw materials. For example, a series of products obtained by processing methods such as wood dry distillation, starch fermentation, plant fiber hydrolysis, oil processing, and extraction of floating oil from papermaking slurry waste liquid.

Agriculture and forestry chemical industry has a long history and was once one of the main sources of organic chemical products. With the development of coal chemical industry and petrochemical industry, it has gradually taken a secondary position. However, due to the renewability of agricultural and forestry resources, the availability and low cost of raw materials, and simple processing methods, especially with the development of biochemical engineering, agricultural and forestry chemical products still have a certain significance for countries with abundant agricultural and forestry resources. In the world, the production capacity of oil processing and plant raw materials processing into chemical products is the largest in the United States; the Soviet Union has an advantage in the technology and output of plant hydrolysis to produce chemical products.

There are many processing methods and varieties of agricultural and forestry chemical products, which are related to the development of agriculture, forestry and light industry.

For example, starch fermentation products, hydrolyzed sugar liquids such as starch-containing plants or agricultural and forestry wastes, can be fermented to produce methanol, ethanol, fusel oil, acetone, n-propanol, n-butanol, lactic acid and other products. After the agricultural and forestry wastes are hydrolyzed with dilute acid, the resulting pentose-containing solution, the sulfite pulping waste liquid, and the sugar-containing waste liquid in the food industry are added to the bacteria for yeast propagation, separated and dried to obtain feed yeast. It is a nutritious feed additive.


Agricultural products can be divided into several categories:

Plant Growth Regulator

It is a class of substances with similar physiological and biological effects as plant hormones. It has been found that the functional substances for regulating plant growth and development include 3-indolebutyric acid (133-32-4), 6-benzylaminopurine (1214-39-7), ethephon (16672-87-0), potassium 3-indolebutyrate(10265-70-0), 6-furfurylaminopurine (525-79-1), etc., and are used as plant growth regulators. Used in agricultural production.

Insecticides Farm Chemicals

It refers to an agent that kills pests, such as beetles, flies, grubs, nose worms, springtails, and nearly ten thousand other pests. The use of insecticides has gone through several stages: the earliest discovered are natural insecticides and inorganic compounds, but they have a single effect, large dosage and short duration; organic synthesis of organochlorine, organophosphorus and carbamate, etc. Insecticides are characterized by high efficiency, high residue or low residue, and many of them have high acute toxicity to mammals. Among them are bromobenzene (108-86-1), Chlorfenapyr (122453-73-0), acetamiprid (135410-20-7), bifenazate(149877-41-8), Bromopropylate(18181-80-1) and so on.

Herbicides Farm Chemicals

It refers to an agent that can cause weeds to die completely or selectively. It is also called a herbicide, a type of substance used to destroy or inhibit the growth of plants. Among them, sodium chlorate, borax, arsenate, and trichloroacetic acid have a deadening effect on any kind of plant, and its effect is affected by three factors: herbicide, plant and environmental conditions. The main products are diquat (231-36-7), metsulfuron-methyl (74223-64-6), sulfentrazone(122836-35-5), pendimethalin(40487-42-1) and so on. According to their functions, they are divided into biocidal and selective herbicides. Most of the selective herbicides, especially derivatives of nitrophenol, chlorophenol, and carbamate, are effective. The development of herbicides in the world has gradually stabilized, mainly developing high-efficiency, low-toxicity, broad-spectrum, and low-consumption varieties, and disposable treatment agents with low environmental pollution have gradually become the mainstream.

Fungicides Farm Chemicals

Fungicides, also known as biocides, bactericidal algaecides, microbicides, etc., usually refer to chemical agents that can effectively control or kill microorganisms in the water system-bacteria, fungi and algae. In the international arena, it is usually used as a general term for the prevention and treatment of various pathogenic microorganisms. The main products are: fludioxonil (131341-86-1), mancozeb (8018-01-7), fluconazole (86386-73-4) and so on.

Antidotes Farm Chemicals

Antidote refers to a substance that can detoxify, and can be divided into two types: solid or liquid. The main products are Benoxacor (98730-04-2), Cloquintocet-mexyl (99607-70-2), Dichlormid (37764-25-3), and Fenclorim (3740-92-9).

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