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Praziquantel CAS 55268-74-1 Drontal Drontal Plus Vercom Praziquantelum Pyquiton

Place of Origin: Shandong,China (Mainland)
Molecular formula: C19H24N2O2
Molecular weight: 312.41
Melting point: 136-138°C
Storage condition: -20°C
Hazard Codes: F,C
WGK Germany: 1
Safety Statements: 16-26-36/37/39-45
Risk Statements: 11-34
RTECS: UQ4150000
  • 55268-74-1
  • 55268-74-1
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1 Gram


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Ocean, Air, Land

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7 days


Praziquantel ( CAS: 55268-74-1)




Molecular   Formula


Molecular weight





White or off-white crystalline powder

Melting point

136-138 °C

Storage Condition


Praziquantel (Biltricide) is an anthelmintic effective against flatworms. Praziquantel is not licensed for use in humans in theUK; it is, however, available as a veterinary anthelmintic, and is available for use in humans on a named-patient basis.

It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, a list of the most important medications needed in a basic health system.

Medical uses

Praziquantel is used to treat diseases in humans, mammals, and fish that are caused by infection with several types of internal/gastrointestinal, and external parasites including the following:

•     Salmon poisoning disease

•     Hydatid disease caused by infection of various organs with larval stages of tapeworms of the genus Echinococcus

•     Cysticercosis caused by infection of the brain and/or muscles with the eggs and larvae of the pork tapeworm Taenia solium (though it has been judged less effective than albendazole in treatment of neurocysticercosis)

•     Feline taeniasis caused in cats by gastrointestinal infection with adult tapeworms of the species Taenia taeniaeformis; used either alone or in combination with pyrantel pamoate

•     Toxocariasis in cats and dogs whose gut is infected with the roundworms/nematodes Toxocara cati or Toxocara canis respectively; use is often combined with pyrantel

•     Schistosomiasis caused by trematodes of the genus Schistosoma. As of 2005, praziquantel is the primary treatment for human schistosomiasis, for which it is usually effective in a single dose.

•     Clonorchiasis brought on by the Chinese liver fluke Clonorchis sinensis

•     Paragonimiasis caused by infection with lung flukes, mostly of the species Paragonimus westermani.

•     Fasciolopsiasis caused by intestinal fluke Fasciolopsis buski.

•     Diplozoon paradoxum and other Trematoda infections of many fish species.  



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