Vitamin D2 CAS 50-14-6 Geltabs Metadee Doral Drisdol Ergocalciferol Ergocalciferolum Ergorone Ergosterol activat

Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Brand Name: MOSINTER
CAS No.: 50-14-6
Name: Vitamin D2
CAS: 50-14-6
Molecular weight: 396.6484
Molecular formula: C28H44O
Refractive index: 1.53
Melting point: 115-119℃
Hazard Symbols: T+:Very toxic;
Risk Codes: R24/25:; R26:; R48/25:
Safety Descriptio: S28A:; S36/37:; S45:;


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Vitamin D2 (CAS: 50-14-6)





White powder, soluble in water



Positive reaction

Positive reaction

Particle Size

95% pass through sieve No.3


Loss on drying

≤ 13%



≤ 0.0001%


Heavy metal

≤ 0.002%



90.0% ~ 110.0% of label C28H44O content


Ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) is a form of vitamin D. Ergocalciferol is a secosteroid formed by a photochemical bond breaking of a steroid, specifically, by the action of ultraviolet light on ergosterol. Viosterol, the name given to early preparations of irradiated ergosterol, is essentially synonymous with ergocalciferol.

Ergocalciferol may be used as a vitamin D supplement, and a 2011 clinical guideline considered it to be as effective as cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) which is produced naturally by the skin when exposed to ultraviolet light. It is manufactured and marketed under various names, including Deltalin (Eli Lilly and Company), Drisdol (Sanofi-Synthelabo) and Calcidol (Patrin Pharma).



Cladina arbuscula specimens grown under different natural conditions: The contents of vitamin D3 range from 0.67 to 2.04 μg/g dry matter in the thalli of C. arbuscula specimens grown under different natural conditions, while provitamin D3 could not be detected. The ranges for provitamin D2 and vitamin D2 were 89-146 and 0.22-0.55 μg/g dry matter, respectively, while the contents of provitamin D3 were below the detection limit (0.01 μg/g dry matter).

Fungus, from USDA nutrient database (per 100g)

Mushrooms, portobello, exposed to ultraviolet light, raw: Vitamin D (D2 + D3): 11.2 µg (446 IU)

Mushrooms, portobello, exposed to ultraviolet light, grilled: Vitamin D (D2 + D3): 13.1 µg (524 IU)

Mushrooms, shiitake, dried: Vitamin D (D2 + D3): 3.9 μg (154 IU)

Mushrooms, shiitake, raw: Vitamin D (D2 + D3): 0.4 μg (18 IU)

Mushrooms, portobello, raw: Vitamin D (D2 + D3): 0.3 μg (10 IU)


Alfalfa (Medicago sativa subsp. sativa), shoot: 4.8 μg (192 IU) vitamin D2, 0.1 μg (4 IU) vitamin D3

Ergocalciferol is produced in fungi synthetically through irradiation of ergosterol.Human bioavailability of vitamin D2 from vitamin D2-enhanced button mushrooms via UV-B irradiation is effective in improving vitamin D status and not different from a vitamin D2 supplement. Vitamin D2 from UV-irradiated yeast baked into bread is bioavailable. By visual assessment or using a chromometer, no significant discoloration of irradiated mushrooms, as measured by the degree of "whiteness", was observed.Claims that a normal serving of mushrooms treated with ultraviolet light provides the equivalent of 3,500 International Units of vitamin D when exposed to ultraviolet light after harvest have gained popular attention.

Research concerning efficacy of vitamin D2 and D3

Conflicting evidence exists for how similarly D2 and D3 behave in the body and whether they are equally active or efficient in production of 1,25-hydroxyvitamin D (1,25(OH)D), the active hormone. Some preliminary studies indicate D3 is more potent, while others report equal efficacy. Both forms appear to have similar efficacy in ameliorating rickets and reducing the incidence of falls in elderly patients.

The metabolism of each appears to be different, with the vitamin D binding protein possibly having greater affinity for 25(OH)D3 than for 25(OH)D2, as shown in one study. Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) is sensitive to UV radiation and rapidly, but reversibly, forms other sterols which can further irreversibly convert to ergosterol.

Preliminary research

One study found low vitamin D2 levels in patients with Alzheimer's disease, but this observational study did not prove cause or effect related to ergocalciferol and vitamin D2 deficiency in the diet.

Vitamin D2 CAS 50-14-6 Geltabs  Metadee Doral Drisdol Ergocalciferol Ergocalciferolum Ergorone Ergosterol activat

Appearance: White powder

Vitamin D2 CAS 50-14-6 Geltabs  Metadee Doral Drisdol Ergocalciferol Ergocalciferolum Ergorone Ergosterol activat

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