Ferrous Carbonate CAS 563-71-3

Place of Origin: Sichuan,China (Mainland)
Brand Name: MOSINTER
CAS No.: 563-71-3
Molecular Formula: FeCO3
Density: 3.8g/cm3
Molecular Weight: 115.85


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Ferrous Carbonate (CAS: 563-71-3)




Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


Ferrous Carbonate is a mineral composed of iron(II) carbonate (FeCO3). It takes its name from the Greek word σίδηροςsideros, "iron". It is a valuable iron mineral, since it is 48% iron and contains no sulfur or phosphorus. Bothmagnesium and manganese commonly substitute for the iron.

Siderite has Mohs hardness of 3.75-4.25, a specific gravity of 3.96, a white streak and a vitreous lustre or pearlyluster.

Its crystals belong to the hexagonal system, and are rhombohedral in shape, typically with curved and striated faces. It also occurs in masses. Color ranges from yellow to dark brown or black, the latter being due to the presence of manganese (sometimes called manganosiderite).

Siderite is commonly found in hydrothermal veins, and is associated with barite, fluorite, galena, and others. It is also a common diagenetic mineral in shales and sandstones, where it sometimes forms concretions. In sedimentary rocks, siderite commonly forms at shallow burial depths and its elemental composition is often related to thedepositional environment of the enclosing sediments. In addition, a number of recent studies have used the oxygen isotopic composition of sphaerosiderite (a type associated with soils) as a proxy for the isotopic composition ofmeteoric water shortly after deposition.

Physical properties: white triangle crystallization. The density of 3.8 g/cm3. Does not dissolve in water.

Chemical properties: heated to 200 ℃ is decomposed into carbon dioxide and ferrous oxide (reactive: FeCO3 = (gas) (heating) FeO + CO2). Soluble in acid, carbon dioxide in the solution. Dry in the air and stable. Wet product in air oxidation of iron hydroxide into dark brown.


By the alkali metal carbonate and ferrous salt solution was prepared.


Lron, veterinary medicine, with a mixture of sugar as the blood tonic.

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