Basic lead carbonate CAS 1319-46-6 CI PigmentWhite1 LeadWhite BasicLeadCarbonate Basic lead carbonate

Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Brand Name: MOSINTER
CAS No.: 1319-46-6
Molecular formula: (PbCO3)2.Pb(OH)2
Decomposition temperature: 400℃
Molecular weight: 775.60
Density: 6.14g/cm3
Alias: C.I.PigmentWhite1


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Basic lead carbonate (CAS: 1319-46-6)





Heavy white powder

Chloride (Cl)   %≤


Nitrate (NO3)   %≤


Content (CO2   equivalent) %


Fe   %≤


Acetic   acid insolubles %≤


Hydrogen   sulfide not precipitate 

(as   sulfate) %≤


Clarity   test


Cu   %≤


Zn   %≤


Content (Pb)   %


Basic Information

Basic lead carbonate is a kind of white heavy powder,white powder, with six crystals. Is composed of lead oxide copper carbonate and hydrogen compounds. Single product containing copper carbonate, 68. 9%, industrial products containing lead carbonate 62%-80%.The common name lead white or white lead powder,

poisonous.Mainly used in paint, especially suitable for the antirust paint and outdoor paint, has now been replaced for titanium dioxide.

In the 400 ℃ decomposition. Insoluble in water and ethanol. Slightly soluble in aqueous solution of carbon dioxide.Soluble in acetic acid, nitric acid and caustic soda solution.Can form a lead and senior fatty acid soap.Good weather resistance.But contact with the air containing a small amount of hydrogen sulfide is gradually turned black.

Manufacturing method

1.By the carbon dioxide is bubbled into made by alkaline lead acetate solution.

2.Use carbon dioxide, and water vapor and lead acetate corrosion effect and made.


The chemical composition of hu powder is alkali type lead carbonate, hu powder is "lead by", is made.Lead to mineral processing base made of lead carbonate.Produced in fujian, guangdong, guangxi, hunan, guizhou, yunnan and other places.

Hu powder using cosmetics before qin dynasty. China recorded in "zhou yi can tong qi:" hu powder for the fire, the color bad reduction for lead"

The essence of which is the base type lead carbonate equations for heating water lead oxide is decomposed into carbon dioxide reaction:

2PbCO3.Pb(OH)2=H2O+3PbO+2CO2↑ (Heating)

And because use charcoal fire heating so further response:

2PbO+C=2Pb+CO2↑(high temperature)

Results happened: "the color bad" phenomenon Among them a + 2 price of lead was reduced to zero


Mainly used in paint, antirust paint and outdoor paint especially suitable for the system

Because in the process of production and application has brought the possibility of lead poisoning, and made of lead white paint thickening, whiteness dropped shortcomings, such as contact with hydrogen sulfide, make its application restricted.But with a white lead production of coatings film fast, with excellent weatherability and rust protection.

Still as the production of the original paint, antirust paint coating industry and outdoor paint white paint.And ceramic glaze, paint coatings and cosmetics raw materials.Used for vinyl chloride plastic stabilizer..For making bead light plastic, matte paint, etc.

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