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Copper Dinitrate CAS 3251-23-8 Claycop

Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Molecular formula:CuN2O6
Molecular weight:187.56
  • 3251-23-8
  • 3251-23-8
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Copper Dinitrate

CAS 3251-23-8

Chemical formula Cu (NO3) 2, white powder. It is easy to be deliquesced and soluble in water. The solubility is 45g at 0 ℃. It can be re precipitated by adding concentrated nitric acid. Red hot decomposition into oxides of nitrogen and copper oxide, hydrochloric acid decomposition. The common hydrates are hexahydrate Cu (NO3) 2.6h2o and trihydrate Cu (NO3) 2.3H2O. The former is a blue crystal with a relative density of 2.074. When the temperature is 26.4 ℃, it loses the crystal water and forms a trihydrate. When the temperature is 65 ℃, it decomposes into a basic salt. The latter is dark blue trihedral crystal, molecular weight 241.60, melting point 114.5 ℃, blue columnar crystal, density 2.32g/cm3. Soluble in water and ethanol, green in concentrated solution, light blue in dilute solution, easy to deliquesce. It was dissolved in crystal water at 114.5 ℃, lost nitric acid and formed basic copper nitrate when heated to 170 ℃, and decomposed into copper oxide when heated to 200 ℃. It is oxidizable and easy to explode or burn when mixed with carbon, sulfur and other substances. It is used for copper plating, pesticide making, enamel and dyestuff etc. Copper nitrate can be prepared by the reaction of copper oxide or copper block with dilute nitric acid.

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